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The Psychopath Test: A Journey Through the Madness Industry - Jon Ronson This book was probably better than OK, but I cannot say I liked it. It seems to be a collection of particular stories and threads of exploration, a lot of which are very interesting and well articulated but which, in my view, fall on the central premise, the use of the Bob Hare psychopath checklist, which returns time and time again into the narrative in the most annoying way. I know that checklists and diagnostics do return in that way for someone like Jon Ronson, and his writing style is true to his particular viewpoint as an outsider to the mental health industry, and an individual with a heightened sense of anxiety. And I am not saying he is an annoying writer at all. In fact, he has some really beautiful passages and narratives in this text, but the hole checklist thing seems very indulgent and the book does not conclude much on its own investigative premise. It does raise important questions about labelling and psychological disorders, though, so it is worth a read.