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The Gaze of the Lens

The Gaze of the lens - Henry Bond The book consists of 100 short, but thought provoking, reflections on photography. While the author's erudition is patent in the writings on photography and psychoanalysis and those pertaining to theory and histories of photography (in particular his analysis of Walter Benjamin), I am not so sure on the current affairs reflections (the summer of 2011 with phone hacking scandal or the death of Bin Laden). There are a lot of quotes in this book and some of these bury Bond's voice, which I think is very interesting. About half of the reflections are well formed, intense and read like a haiku - opening up possibilities for the reader's own thoughts. But the other half reads like the notes I take before writing an article, un-processed, still new, even a little uncritical. Having said that, the book is probably somewhere between 3 and 4 stars.